Waterproof alternative to plywood.

Innovating forEarth's Tomorrow

Join us on a mission where engineering innovation meets environmental stewardship.
lightweight plywood alternative
Use alternative for marine plywood, and plant plenty
Over 2,000 trees saved annually*
Thermal shield Marine grade plywood
1 million pounds of plastic repurposed yearly*
Stop global warming and use Marine grade plywood
Reducing carbon footprint by 40%*
(compared to traditional materials)

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alternative to plywood for outdoor.

Engineering Precision and Reliability

wood alternative building materials

The Supersede Board

The Waterproof Structural Solution

alternative materials for wood in construction
alternative for marine plywood at Port of Spain
Just-in-Time Manufacturing

On-time deliveries eliminate unnecessary delays.

waterproof plywood alternative at Ohama
100% Waterproof

Superior moisture resistance.

alternative for marine plywood at Mexico city
Custom Sizes

1/2" & 3/4", 4'x8' to4 X *any custom length.

waterproof plywood alternative at Colorado
Unmatched Performance

Bi-directional stiffness, splinter-proof design.

alternative to marine plywood at Belmopan, Belize
Fixed Pricing

Avoid spot price fluctuations.

waterproof plywood alternative at EL PASO florida
Circular Economy

Off-cut buy-back program and 100% recyclable manufacturing process.

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Best alternative to plywood for outdoor use